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Thinking of buying a home? Looking for the one that suits all your needs, has a perfect neighbourhood and spacious rooms? The search for a perfect house has always been difficult and troublesome. Real estate consulting is what you can turn to. 

But you need not worry when GharFix is here for you. With our extravagant real estate services, you can now bid adieu to all the worries! 

One often tries to save money when it comes to searching for a perfect home by not hiring real estate agencies and consultants. This may end up leaving a big hole in your pocket as understanding the right properties and negotiations is not as easy task as it seems. Additionally, real estate consulting can save you a lot of time as well. From research on properties to site visits to maintaining a portfolio, a real estate advisor at GharFix can widen your investment opportunities and help you find your best match.

Why do you need real-estate services?

The real estate market is an ever-evolving market and before buying a property you need to have an apt consultant to guide you through the process. Your homesearch has to be a careful procedure as it is a big step and even bigger investment.  

Having a professional real estate advisor at your disposal can help you by leaps and bounds. The thorough knowledge of the local market also means that your real estate consultants will have their hands-on on the listing and sales data. With their recommendation you can find the place you need at the best price possible. 

What’s more? There are several processes involved in buying a home. Going for multiple site visits and selecting the property is just the start. Once you are set on buying a home, there comes in several legal formalities that need to be taken care of. With a proper real estate advisory service, all the processes are made easy.

But the question remains, what real estate agency is the best for you? How better would it be if you were to find the answer on a click? Well, you can now find everything on GharFix. 

Whether you are finding a place to rent out, or are looking for a permanent place, you are going to need good and trustworthy real estate service provider. Even if you wish to sell your property, and your broker is asking for a big percentage, you can always list it out on GharFix and find a suitor for that house. GharFix offers the best real estate services in Mumbai.

Why GharFix?

GharFix offers property buying as a service for our clients and we are creating a niche in the real estate service sector. We have emerged as the leading real estate consultants in Mumbai. Delivering end-to-end property management solutions has helped us to be a one-of-its-kind real estate service provider in Navi Mumbai. We deliver comprehensive assistance to our clients related to the buying and selling properties. On GharFix you may just find the place of your dreams. 

Assisting you in finding a home, exploring investment options, loan acquirement and the legal formalities, GharFix walks every step of the way with you. Your real estate needs are perfectly met by our highly trained and experienced professionals.

GharFix is a one-stop platform quenching the needs of the property owners across Navi Mumbai. We are well-equipped with an experienced team of professionals handling several properties in Navi Mumbai, currently.

With concrete efforts and supreme excellence, we are bringing in transparency and professionalism to the realty sector to be a trustworthy partner for our clientele.

Our key attributes are:

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