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The Luxury of Tailor-made Clothing!

Mobile Alteration Service – Our Tailor will see you at your place

In this new age where one can get everything ready-made and online, there are just a few who consider tailoring as a trend. But here’s the thing, even though it might be considered as the old-fashioned way of buying clothes, most online platforms can’t match the tailor-made outfits, stitched to perfection. It sure takes some time for the outfit, but the result is never disappointing. The comfort of it, the design and everything is unparalleled. With every detail weaved with love and care, it is a luxury in itself!

Additionally, many a times your favourite dresses and clothes may need some repairs. Clothing repairs for general tears can be a tedious job when done at home. We have a cost-effective solution to alter, stitch and clothing repairs

Up-scaling of old clothes according your wishes will not just save your old favourites, but also save a lot of money. This wonderful solution can give a fresh new look to your wardrobe. Old sarees, dresses and even jeans can be up-scaled beautifully.

Now, what if we tell you can have even this comfort a click away? Fascinating isn’t it? We bet you have never expected to find tailoring services online, but with this new age, we bring to you a new comfort, right at you home. GharFix brings to you online custom tailoring services!

Your Customised Wardrobe at GharFix

GharFix offers online tailoring services and takes care of all your stitching needs. We render clothing alterations, designing your wardrobe to match your style and also fittings and suitings. From simple tops and shirts to heavy gowns, anarkalis and suits, GharFix customises everything for you. It is one of the best online tailoring services in across india.

With GharFix, you can now customize your wardrobe online.You can choose from a variety of designs, or choose to make your own design as well as seek advice from our fashion designers, all your needs are taken care of with our online tailoring services. You can let your imagination run in every direction and we will weave your thoughts into beautiful dresses.

Apart from new clothing options, we also recreate and revamp your old ones! If you are thinking of making something new, something different out of your old sarees, well, you don’t need to think much of where to go. With GharFix’s online custom tailoring services, you can get the best fashion advice on what to do with those!

Our highly skilled designers and craftsmen ensure that you get your clothes stitched exactly the way you want them. We also render express service if you are in a rush. By paying a little extra, we ensure faster delivery of your stitched garment. All the garments are tailored as per the specifications provided by you. Additionally, our courteous customer support team is here to address all your queries. All you need to do is book an online tailor with GharFix, and enjoy the benefits of personalised clothing.

Booking an Online Tailoring Service with GharFix

The easiest way of finding an ‘online tailor near me is to search for it online. For all your needs, be it make the clothes anew or for small alterations, you can now search for specific things. For eg.: ladies tailor near me or suit tailor near me or tailor alterations near me. Once you find a list of names, it is important to compare and understand what the services they provide are and how good these services are. 

With GharFix, all these steps are combined in a single effort. With are verified, professional services, all your worries will be at bay. All you need to do is book our online tailoring services on a click or connect with our experts for further procedures!

Why GharFix?

Our boutique tailoring services are easy to opt for. For all your clothing alterations, stitching, customisation in clothes, we are here with a one-stop solution. With easy booking and high-quality online tailoring services, there’s nothing better for you!

  • Schedule a professional’s visit to ensure perfect fitting
  • Choose your favourite style from our style catalogue or simply give us your style image
  • Skilled tailors, designers and craftsmen ensure perfect finishing
  • We ensure on-time delivery
  • Get customized designs in kurtas, blouses, salwar suits, suits and more, and manage to look glamorous every day

So what are you waiting for? Log In to GharFix today and have your clothes stitched your way with our expert tailoring services. Revamp your wardrobe today!