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Isn’t it all just tedious sometimes to have to go to the bazaar and buy things? And more so when you are in the middle of some function at your house and you are prepping for that and don’t have the time to rush to the store to buy some essentials? Wouldn’t you love it if there was someone who would get that stuff for you?

Or you have got a busy routine, with all the office work and meetings and everything, and you are just exhausted. And you come home to an empty refrigerator. What a nightmare! Wouldn’t you love it if all your groceries were done and you would have to just collect them at the door? It sure does sound relieving and luxurious.

Your Easiest Grocery Shopping!

Well, brace yourselves! Everything is now possible. You won’t have to drag yourselves to the stores even when you are exhausted you can just do online grocery shopping. You can just log in to GharFix and find everything you need.

Mumbai’s one of the leading services provider company, GharFix brings all bazar products to customers in the comfort of their home. From vegetables to fruits, find all your grocery online and we deliver all your essentials to fulfil your daily needs. We have taken away all the stress related to shopping for daily bazar products. We allow you to order products online without travelling long distance.

You can start shopping by following a pretty simple process. Start by building your cart. With all kinds of products available at the best prices, you will never fall short of anything and can get everything. Get it delivered on your doorstep quickly. 

So you can grocery shop at ease even when you are in the office or in the middle of something else. GharFix makes it all easy. With fresh veggies and all other products at affordable prices and with quick deliveries, you can forget the tiring task of going to the market and getting things.

We prioritise a straightforward agenda, to help you walk away from the mundane online grocery shopping and present novel digital solutions for grocery delivery. Not to mention that too from the comfort of your home or office. Gone are days of being stuck in traffic jams, long-queues, carrying groceries and most importantly, wasting your precious time. Just a simple click and we will move Earth and Moon to bring you, whatever you need, to your door. Hell, if you like, we could set them up in your kitchen too!

We think of ourselves as innovators in supportability, business benevolence, and working and creating opportunities for others. We seek nothing but redefining our nation’s food experience and online food shopping for our customers. Whatever they need or order, they come first and deserves the finest of quality. We further add benefits, tastes, and flavours by handpicking quality products delivering straight to our customer with no compromises.

Come join us as we enhance your retail and shopping experience by being in line with the digital world. With Gharfix as your online supermarket, you will get nothing short of exceptional products, the ease of shopping, unmatched quality, offers, and prices across the brands.

Why GharFix?

  • Quick and Easy Service: Quickly and easily add items to your card and checkout
  • Timely service: We ensure timely deliveries for all our customers
  • Trusted professionals: Our service providers go through a strict background check process to ensure premium quality of deliverables
  • Unbeatable prices: Apart from offering top-notch quality, we are sweetening the deal by delivering products at unbeatable prices
  • Time-saving: It just takes 1 minute to order groceries online on GharFix to get all the products delivered on your doorstep
  • Payment options as per your liking: We understand the importance of hard-earned money. Hence, we accept all your international and national cards, debit cards or cash on delivery
  • Special offers: The best prices in online grocery shopping with additional offers 
  • We deliver the purest product: You can always expect the best quality grocery with freshest products and the longest sell-by dates
  • Happiness Redefined: We ensure complete customer satisfaction and stand behind all your product purchase

Now it’s time to order your essentials in a new way, the GharFix way!