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Non-Resident Indians or the NRIs are the people of Indian nationality living abroad. Generally, NRIs look forward to investing in India as another source of income, or just for investment. The Indian government has, in recent years, made many laws for NRI investment, and made it even more feasible and easy for the NRIs. 

Generally, the investment is sought in real estate or any other form that is profitable. Now, since you don’t actually live in India and don’t visit much, we know you seek agents who can advise you on NRI investment plan and the course of action. Many times it also happens that you may fall prey to fraud services.

One-Stop Solution for NRI Services

If you are an NRI yourself, or you know anyone who is looking for NRI investment options, easy banking solutions, you don’t need to worry anymore. Just ask log on to

GharFix has designed comprehensive financial solutions for the NRIs looking for investments and financial aids. With easy processing and apt solutions and advice from experts, you now don’t need to research so much on options as you can have it all on a single click on GharFix!

We provide professional services to cover the full range of NRI needs under one roof. It’s the right place for you, and while you are overseas, we are completely committed to meeting your legal needs, banking, economic, land investment management, etc. We are a full-service company offering a variety of services to suit NRI needs.

Many of the businesses provide one service, either through legal or accounting officers or real estate personnel. Our business focus is on ending services. By providing all types of services, we believe in value for money and time from our customers. We also feel that it is the best way to thrive in our industry if our clients understand the maximum extent of their desires under one roof. We do not compromise the quality of our services and are here to meet the entire needs of our customers whether it is open NRI account online,NRI tax filing, property management for NRI, NRI tax filing online or any NRI service in Mumbai.

Plethora of Opportunities in India

India has emerged as a splendid investment hub for Non-resident Indians. A robust & growing economy, profitable companies and strong standing markets have ensured that NRI investors get maximum returns from both debts as well as the equity market.

A highly automated and transparent stock exchange and a booming mutual fund sector have ensured that investments are transparent and liquid. With India being one of the world’s booming markets, it is the best time for NRIs to commence a business in India. We, at GharFix, not only offer NRI investment services but also housekeeping services including NRI shopping, NRI maid to you.

Our Methodologies

The company, along with a network of highly trained and skilled lawyers and consultants in India, offers a wide variety of resources to ensure that the NRI has adequate solutions for addressing its problems. Our strategy is cautious and methodical on any job we pursue. We are proud of our work and have very firm principles in work ethics in terms of responsibilities, consistency and time scales focused on systems even in providing online NRI services.

We ensure that all our customers do our best, regardless of the level of work they offer us. We still try to do so in line with our responsibilities to all our customers. Our services are delivered by a community of experts that provide tailored-made services to meet the particular needs of expatriates globally. We promise better efficiency, long-term cost savings and, in particular, flexibility to make use of the facilities listed in our service bouquet.

Why GharFix?

  • We offer services that comply with numerous laws such as Wealth Tax, Income Tax etc.
  • We deliver trusted NRI matrimony services.
  • We work as lawyers for NRIs, advancing them on income tax return filing and advising on how to reduce tax liability in India
  • We guide NRIs in all property matters in the nation.

With trustable consultants, you can now relax and not run the risk of fraud. GharFix is here to fulfil all your needs and fix all your problems!