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Elderly Care Services

Care & assistance like family!

Our elders are our treasure! It is such a privilege to have elderly people in the house. The immense knowledge they impart, the timely and scholarly guidance they give us on certain aspects of our life. And it is more fun when they are in the role of a grandparent! 

The beloved grandparents, who will tell their grandchildren all sorts of stories, who will lighten up their world with small things and what not! It is a special bond, between grandparents and grandchildren. But with age, we can’t ignore the little complications that we come across. And even if we wish to take complete care of our elderly, we are too engrossed in our own routines. Elderly care is a service that will emphasize the social and personal requirements of the senior citizens. And many times, even if you are home, you need someone to help you with all the medications and everything that goes around

Not many people across the world are fortunate enough to have their parents with them after a certain age. But if you have them around you, you need not worry anymore! Often it is impossible to admit that your loved one has come through this point of life, but they require constant treatment or long-term support.

That’s why we are here! To assist you and our loved ones in your crucial times. Even if you are at office, or in a meeting, or you are going to be late, you can always call up GharFix’ Elderly Care Services and make sure that everyone at home is just fine! We, at GharFix, understand the importance of elderly care services.

GharFix’ Elderly Care Services for elderly promote their independence while giving them the farthest comfort. Through reviewing and consulting with you and your doctor on the health of your loved one, we establish a program to ensure your ongoing well-being whether on a daily or occasional basis.

Our professions are certified caregivers and are able to provide quality services such as blood pressure checkup, pulse oximeter to old age people. From clinical support to fixing a diet plan, GharFix has a range of elderly care services. 

Our aim is to give assistance to those who, due to their jobs or if they simply don’t live near their parents, have little time to take care of their family wellbeing. We maintain the proper treatment of your elders by keeping an eye on their medical health and helping to keep trips to the Hospital minimized with the arrangement of doctors or nursing appointments to your house, providing elder home care services.

At GharFix, you can find all kinds of services at one click. Trustworthy and the best! 

Our Core Philosophy

Although there are many agencies offering the same services, we differ from them in being well-organized and working in unity. With the second-largest population, our elderly face diverse hurdles, especially in maintaining health. With our elder care services in Mumbai, we have taken the responsibility of serving them on our shoulders by assisting them with the abilities to live the highest quality of life.

We aim to provide tailored care and fulfil all the needs for improving the comfort of our elders. Our mission is to provide holistic, person-centred care that enables seniors to have the highest quality of life, all the while making the next step of their life the most comfortable.

We lead the industry by providing esteemed elderly services in Mumbai, that not only benefits everyone but provide peace of mind to our hardworking youth. Our state-of-the-art facilities and quality system assist elders in daily activities with the utmost respect. This respect runs in our blood, our ethics and our caregivers and management. With respect, we infuse patience and politeness and become a close companion to your loved ones and even make emotional connections with them to offer them relevant care.

All in all, we meet the multiple competing concerns of senior citizens care by offering a welcoming group with support without sacrificing their privacy and avoiding housekeeping dissatisfaction, when required.

Why GharFix:

  • Experienced professionals- Our team has years of expertise in serving old age people.
  • Tailored care plans – Our elderly care plans are tailored as per the needs of patients.
  • Trained staff: we are training our attendants to provide quick services in all situations.
  • Home care for elderly in one click: We are dedicatedly offering round-the-clock, at-home healthcare services in just one click of your phone.
  • 100% Authentic:  Our completely transparent system helped us to become trusted company in old age service landscape.  
  • Completely evaluated services: Our elderly care facilities are thoroughly evaluated, and are in line best medical practices and guidelines.

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